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The Bright Spots of Kids’ TV

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Four programs may help stimulate an early interest in the sciences



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NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams

A new documentary about America’s broken school system is sparking debate over the best way to fix it. NBC’s Rehema Ellis reports.More



Mark Zuckerberg, founder of the social networking site Facebook, is reportedly donating $100 million to improve Newark, N.J.’s troubled school system. CNBC’s Trish Regan reports. More

PHOTO UPDATE: Learning Plaza Takes Shape

NBC // 1:31 PM EST // Sep. 23

Check out these great photos by NBC’s Anthony Quintano following the transformation of Rockefeller Plaza into the Education Nation “Learning Plaza.” The Learning Plaza will explore some of the most innovative aspects of American education and will be open to the public this Sunday, September 26th.More

Education in the News: September 23, 2010

NBC Learn // 1:46 PM EST // Sep. 23

These stories from around the country are getting educators talking. Check out Education Nation every day for the latest education news!More

Blog: Lessons Learned

By James Larson // // 7:04 PM EST // Sep. 22

At the risk of sounding cliché, I always wanted to be a teacher. It’s my calling.More

Classroom program rewards positive behavior

WVIT-TV // 6:50 PM EST // Sep. 22

Can good character and respect be taught in the classroom? One Connecticut school is taking its best shot.More

"Beyond the Bricks" profiles plight of young black men // 11:26 AM EST // Sep. 21

With graduation rates for black males at record lows across the country, a new documentary set in Newark, NJ takes a hard look at the disturbing statistics on inner-city public education and offers some solutions.More

Colin Powell previews education address on "Meet the Press"

Meet the Press // 9:39 AM EST // Sep. 19

Retired Gen. Colin Powell discusses some of the topics that he and his wife, Alma, will talk about at NBC’s Education Nation summit, including how to better prepare America’s children for school.More

You Just Found Out Your Kid Is Being a Bully. Now What?

By Ada Calhoun // // 2:35 PM EST // Sep. 08

You never thought you’d be the parent called into school because your child was the instigator in a conflict. What can you do to stop the bullying behavior?More

Confessions of a Stay-at-Home Dad: I Cried on My Daughter's First Day of School

By Jeff Bogle // // 1:46 AM EST // Sep. 01

A little more than one year ago, I abandoned my comfortable, mid-level corporate gig for a life of ponies, puzzles and pretend play. I had become a stay-at-home dad.More

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