“Halt your thoughts and there is nothing you will not know.” ~Debra Ulrich


Halt your thoughts and there is nothing you will not know.
Thinking only confuses and complicates your natural capacity for clarity.
Stay still, be silent, and allow all answers to be revealed.
What is the distance that lies between true and false?
What real difference is there between success and failure?
They are but sides to the same coin, 
Relative to one another, forged from the same family.
It is the mind that separates into desirable and detestable.
Do not be swayed by other’s opinions; stand firm upon the foundation of your own experience.
The People are busy and impatient, self-absorbed and impulsive.
They believe constant activity actually brings accomplishment.
The People are reckless and heedless, gluttonous and greedy.
They believe the earth and her abundance are endless.
Do you believe you will not be held accountable for your actions?
Do you believe actions have no consequences?
Do you think what you are doing does not get noticed?
Without desires, you become unbound.
Without demands, you become sovereign.
Owning nothing, you are free to simply be.
What other Way is there?



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