Don’t Incinerate Yourself With Worry! #music #video #photo

Do you see that things are changing rapidly? Those things that have appeared to be keeping us from our Destiny are dropping off quickly. So, if you see your job changing, your relationships transforming, your impulse to change your location, your way of lightening your emotional load, and so much more changing, please, oh please don’t incinerate yourself with worry.

Oh, no. Worry will take you out of the flow, out of the dance. If you go with what seems “logical” to you, you will certainly miss the reality of what is happening.

You are an extraordinarily integral part to this change-over to the Aquarian. Never, ever believe that you are less than a truly important “piece to the Aquarian puzzle.” In your depths, you are magnificent. And so what doesn’t work for the Aquarian will fall away. So be very, very sure that you do not try to hold onto situations, character “flaws”, imaginings, stuff, relationships, ideas of hurt and anger, blaming, fear, forces that defy you in your temple of Being, and so much more.

You are the receptacle of forces — the Creative, and of the forces of the Divine, the Creator. You live through the grace of those forces.

And as we move into this great new dimension of time and space, you will find that anything that you try to hang onto but which challenges this incoming “Aquarian Dimension” will simply backfire in your face.

You will find that you cannot hold onto that which cheats you of your Divinity and others of their holiness.

Please be very aware that nothing can hurt you because you are the Infinity. What could possibly impale the Infinite? Now you must understand that in its deepest terms. This is the time to fully understand that your body and your mind are fictions of the Infinite. So, if your main thrust is to protect these fictions, you will be left out.

But if your promise is to use these fictions of body and mind in total, happy service to this Infinite Consciousness, that is how you will connect entirely in this Aquarian Dimension. This is how the Infinite can serve the implements of Its own fiction. This may be a little hard to wrap your head around, but this is what it will take to fully grasp the Aquarian.

As you have heard in every religion, every spiritual endeavor, as you surrender, as you sacrifice your own needs, wants, desires, drop holding to certain rigid standards, let go of your own “head,” you will increase your ability to dance with the Infinite, to join fully and freely in the Will of that exquisite Consciousness. This is the pure joy of the ride!

You surrender totally so that you can ride, ride, ride the constant wave of the Impeccable unselfconsciously.

This is so that you can shine the Light of greatness, of healing, of grace through you to all who would receive it. Laugh, dance and sing!

Yes, this is quite the most noble act, but it is also the most Selfish because you want nothing less than to be totally con-joined with the bliss, the beauty, the will and flow of the Divine Creator. That is pure happiness, no matter what else could be happening that may seem contrary.

Flow, live, love and dance with all of that bright Light that flows through you.

Watch and be happy. Follow Its purified impulses, no matter how very strange you might judge them to be, and don’t forget to Love the One in everyone. 🙂


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