“Oh… #kings #dominion would be cool, it might be crowded thou & the same with haunted houses.” ~Bodyguardj #LOL #quote cc @impactresults

Recovery Relief Foundation, Inc.




Pray A LOT!


Here's a unicorn/pegasis.It might be useful in order 4u 2get @RecoveryRelief, as in #recoveryrelief 4example.

‘Peg’ the unicorn/pegasis above would be terrific in a cartoon &/or a movie. Don’t you think? 😉 😉



Are YOU a bit perplexed (by all of this)?

Since this needs to happen.




As If You Are Looking At This For The First Time…

Balloons In Flight


…and there’s also the @twitter, aka; #twitter #business (uh hum!) ‘stuff’ to consider.

It's worth money???? People will have jobs & get paid. Really?

(Oh boy.)

Yes. There’s A LOT Of Potential! 😉 🙂

…especially if this can (somehow) be cc’d to @KingsDominion & @MrLeCaptain (cause I loved his show there!), & of course (& especially @Cum_nd_Get_It (since she made it so he tweeted this awesome & funny quote 2begin with & all I did was search the word ‘dominion’ on Twitter – haha!) & btw, I’m sending #hugs 2every1 in #Impact99. 🙂


This Is How The Internet Works!

…and I’ve never taken #Computer101. #LOL


“Please #God, Grant Me Patience & Hurry Up The Evolution Of The #Mobile, #Social #Cloud. #ThankYOU!” +DebraUlrich & #DebraUlrich #quote 😉 😉 via @RecoveryRelief


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