What Are The Two Hardest Things You Have To Do?

Change your thoughts and you change your world. ~Norman Vincent Peale

  • Recognize when your mind is destroying you and your environments, and do it in that very moment, “mid-coitus”!
  • Consciously turn your mind around in that very moment.

How successful are you at keeping your “thought radar” on automatic so you can catch those thoughts and emotions that render you helpless in the face of such things as “your justifiable anger,” “self-deprecation in all its disguises,” “your quicksand of certifiable loss,” “overwhelming but picayune judgment of yourself and others,” and so much more!   I call those unruly mind viruses “Trances”.

They not only throw a huge smoke screen around what is really happening, and jerk us into their own non-reality, but by their very creative energy they magnetize more of the same to materialize in our present and future. Yikes! Let me outta here!

This is what Patanjali, that ancient codifier of Yoga described to us so many centuries ago…

“It is the habits of the mind that bind us to attachments and duality and, in turn, suffering.”

But there is a remedy!

“It is also the habit of mind that leads to non-attachment and to the practice of merger with what is real.

The mind is a sophisticated tool that can give us liberation and the transcendence of conditional living, or it can give us confusion, ignorance, and bondage.”

Guess what that means?

Once your mind becomes aware of that automatic “thief in the night” that is stealing control over your consciousness, you can actually CHOOSE to reel your own mind and emotions back in from its churning habitual crap that pollutes your whole system – body, mind, emotions and energy flow.

YES! You CAN CHOOSE, and you can be effective!  

This is the only way that you can finally find happiness and peace.

If you don’t choose, you are consistently setting yourself up as the victim/victimizer target in your own personal shooting gallery, especially if you believe that you have no responsibility in the matter – “It is someone else’s fault”.

You are in charge of your own psyche!

So, now how do you choose to move out of the dark anger, hurt, numbness, etc.?

First of all, let me put in a plug for strong daily sadhana. That clears layers of mind-gunk and gives you better ability to move through this process. Then at the moment:

  1. Catch your thought or emotion to realize this is actually self-sabotage, not true reality. This step is really, really important because it sets the whole process in motion.
  2. Go to neutral. Long-deep breath, changing your mind to welcome the bigger picture that had been obscured, calling on your friends, source, etc., for help. This is not avoidance, going numb or jumping out of your body. Quite the contrary. You are taking back the engine of your consciousness to actually deal with the energy and experience of the Trance at hand.
  3. Move into healing and change. This is where your genius of awareness and spectacular free will come into play. They come through your strength of determination – your true CHOICE! Don’t take “NO” for an answer, but definitely don’t beat yourself up for getting yourself in this difficult condition. That would really be counter-productive, don’t you think?
    1. Ground yourself by sending your energy down into the center of Mother Earth and continue to cycle it back up again through your body and mind to root you, to clear you, and switch from the chaos of mind and emotions to weighted strength.
    2. Grounded in this state of neutral awareness and breath, let the emotions, feelings, mind’s tantrums run through your being without being overtaken by them.   Adding mantra, powerful prayers and yoga  will quickly move this process along. Remember, you will re-experience your Trance as it moves out, but don’t get freaked. Just abide with the process until you know that this “sitting” is done. You may find previously unseen realizations and the ability to reframe your situation arise like misty fairies in your reality.
    3. Different manifestations or degrees of that same Trance may continue to come up over time, but use the same process over and over again. You will be addressing different layers each time, so respect the process, don’t get impatient with it. This is your Transformation to Peace – your true path!
    4. Expansion–Now, begin to let the wisdom that comes from your healing trickle into your consciousness. When you “listen” you may be amazed at what incredible messages, yearnings and remedies were snarled in that Trance, but now are freely accessible. Forgive yourself for not having recognized them before, and allow yourself the great freedom to accept and integrate these “new” abilities and freedoms into your personal world. Be grateful for this incredible process. And reside in True Love which is radiant Light, Pure Truth.

This is how your mind CHOOSES the process of peace to work for you. It takes creating a “mind muscle” with repetitive use. So, now your mind can choose to move your system’s energetic vibration to actually magnetize even more peace.

Make CONSCIOUS CHOICE your regular and most dear habit. Happiness will pursue you! 🙂


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