“The #Composition.” #quote


Do you like stories? Maybe even have a few of these laying around &/or waiting to be written?
It can be a life’s tale like Requiem of Insanity by Sara Rachael Hope (who’s now) The ‘Dead’ Beneficiary @RecoveryRelief btw, or perhaps maybe yours is more like Little Red Riding Hood’s story.
It may be possible for something such as #TheLionTweets2Night to become an awesome piece of historical literature as well, since it already includes a #Bdaypartyw/bob cast @anywhere and @everywhere (even #CA #FL #NY #CT #DC #MD & #VA (who have a tree or two in the shade to read under) while listening to #aweeMOOwhomp while chanting and eating a #cupcake #icecream and #oreos together. Neat, huh?!
How’s THAT for a composition?
Do you have one you’d like to share &/or create?
Please do! Thank you! 🙂 

by @DebraUlrich


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