A Letter.

Dear YOU,
On Gilligan’s Island, a television sitcom from the 1960s, seven castaways were stranded after a shipwreck on an uncharted island somewhere in the Pacific Ocean.
Most of the passenger’s had little in common and they came from all walks of life. Despite being stranded alone there and for a long time, they seemed to have an unlimited supply of clothing, and they always managed to find building materials and other essentials.
I feel like I’m stranded and alone now, though to the outside world I appear to have everything.
Because of my self-sufficent nature, someone I hope will understand my needs seems to be clueless, so I guess I need to speak up to get what I want (even though there’s no guarantee I will get it).
I need (recovery) relief.
It’s a big job!
I’m one person.
Now since I don’t know anything (as per usual), I’m racking my brain wondering what kind of clue(s) I need ‘to come up with’ to get someone to understand my needs.
If you have suggestions and/or ideas, I’d really like to know them.
I (still) read direct messages on twitter (even though most are auto-generated).
I’m on LinkedIn as ‘RecoveryRelief’, Facebook (yet again) as ‘myself’, StumbleUpon as ‘SaraRachael’ and a ton of other places.
My business postal address is (still) at http://freewebs.com/debraulrich and (p.s.) I love mail and letters more than bills/sales promotions!
I’m really looking forward to hearing from you soon, and want to thank you (in advance) for reading this long ‘rambling’ letter! đŸ™‚
Blessings to you (always!),


by @DebraUlrich


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