What You Need to Know in the World of #SEO

It’s tough to keep up on the happenings in the world of SEO and online marketing. So hopefully this digest will do the job for you.
Google’s Latest Social Foray
Google searchers will be able to click a “+1” button to indicate which results they “like”. Epic coverage from Danny Sullivan. +1 for #1?
Google’s Panda Update: UK Edition
This month Google extended their infamous Panda (a.k.a. “Farmer”) Update to the UK. Some data surfaced after the shakedown, exposing the winners and losers.
White-Hat SEO F@#$ing Works
After reading Kris Roadruck’s rant, Rand set the record straight for white hats with some compelling examples.
Social’s Influence On Search Rankings
A data scientist uncovers some telling correlations between link metrics and social signals.
Search Marketing Is Booming
The value of the search engine marketing industry is anticipated to see a 16% growth in 2011, while more data suggests it’s increasingly being outsourced.
Excel Ninja Skills For SEOs
Wondering what to do with that mountain of data you’ve collected? Mike at Distilled walks SEOs through the art of extracting meaningful information using Excel.
Multi-Channel Funnels In Google Analytics
Conversion marketers, rejoice! Google announced new capabilities that track customers’ paths through multiple channels.
Tools To Track Social Media Strategy
Track your social media? Tom Critchlow shares some useful tools.
A Guide To Startup Blogging
On why startups need to blog and how to do it.
10 Charts About Sex
Revealing stats & infographic porn from okcupid.

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