The Top 29 Social Networks

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Although Facebook is by far the largest social network out there, the social network sphere is large and has a ton of players. We were curious about which of them are the most active. To find these sites, we decided to focus on the number of daily visitors to each site.

The number of (unique) daily visitors is an interesting metric since it doesn’t rely on registered users (who may or may not be active) or monthly visitors, where some may visit the site as seldom as once per month. In short, you get a good idea of the day-to-day activity on a site.

Number of visitors per day

We found 29 social networks that currently have one million or more unique visitors per day. For traffic data, we used Google Trends for Websites.

Note that these numbers are estimates made by Google from a variety of data sources, so they will not be 100% correct, but should still give us a good idea of how the sites compare.

Social networks with at least one million site visitors per day

A few quick observations:

  • Facebook has stated that about half of its users log in to the site every day, which seems to match these numbers.
  • It’s interesting that Orkut, counted out by many, clocks in a significant number of daily visitors. From this perspective, it’s the second-largest social network in the world. This is in large part due to it’s extremely strong following in Brazil and to a somewhat lesser extent, India.
  • How the mighty have fallen. MySpace is only number 12 on this list. (And speaking of the fallen, Friendster didn’t even make the list.)
  • Facebook dominates to an almost ridiculous extent. Combine all the daily visitors for the other 28 social networks on this list and you still only end up with two-thirds of what Facebook has.
Photo credit: Crowd photo by Anirudh Koul (we had to crop it a bit, sorry).




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