7 reasons to not check email first thing in the morning

If your morning starts with a trip to the loo, a hot cup of coffee, and a check of an overflowing inbox, it might be time to change up your routine. Keep the potty break and joe, but consider skipping the email.

Personal development expert Sid Savara makes the argument that checking email first thing in the morning sets up for a day down the wrong track.

Check out a sampling of seven reasons Savara lays out against an instant morning email check:

Productivity is easier without distraction. Tackle an important task first thing in the morning and don’t worry about that “high-importance” email from your sister-in-law about so-and-so’s birthday cake.

Checking email is an excuse to avoid more important tasks. Don’t feel like working? Sift through your inbox. Bad idea.

Email sucks up time. Email can act like a bottomless pit. It never ends and there’s no time parameters set up to ensure a stop time.

Full list of reasons at Sid Savara.

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Photo credit: Fotolia


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