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Traackr Provides Useful Web Influence Monitoring Tool for Marketing and PR Professionals

For those who want to support a brand or simply better understand the thought leaders in a field, Traackr provides a comprehensive, yet very easy to use, tool set. I recently spoke with Derek Skaletsky and Courtney Vaught about their offering. Traackr enables you to discover the top 25 influencers in a topic of your choice. It is designed to primarily support PR efforts. It offers additional features to better enable interaction with these influencers once they are discovered, as well as the ability to monitor what they say about your areas or interest, including your brand.

Once you define the characteristics of your list, Traackr scans the social web to identify the most influential and most relevant people online and dynamically generates your Authority List. Each Authority List includes detailed profiles for each influencer with contact information, influence score, recent posts, an online identity card, and complete performance data. They look at channels such as blogs, Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook (when data publicly available).

Traackr provide three scores to hone in on a person’s influence:

Reach – Ability to generate views based on audience size

- Ability to spark conversations based on such measures as retweets comments, and links

- Ability to cover specific topic/market based on relevance to your selected keywords

Traackr has set up a sample A-List on PR 2.0 so you see how the list works. There is comprehensive detail on the social media behavior of each person listed. The results change on a weekly basis and I noticed that people do move up and down, and in and out. I found myself on it a few times and was number 22 this last time I looked. I used their list when I was working on setting up some lists for my firm.  You can also star people so they stay on the list even if their ranking metrics drops. Here is the list with the first five shown.

Picture 1
The Influencer Profiles have been split into separate tabs for easier navigation.  All the recent, relevant posts from that Influencer are in the first tab and their full online footprint is in a second tab.  Here is the footprint of the top person on the list above.

Picture 2
What I especially liked was the way you set the lists up. Traackr demonstrated this but also let me set up my own list so I could see how it worked.  You can use up to 50 key words and the Traackr staff provides guidance on this activity. I had initially selected about seven key words and they gave me good feedback on how to expand it.

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