Top Microsoft Federal Windows Phone 7 Apps /via @RecoveryRelief

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Congress 411 provides easy access to information for every member of the United States Senate and House of Representatives.

Relief Central includes the World Factbook from the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), the Field Operations Guide from USAID, MEDLINE Journals, and Relief News from the CDC, Red Cross, FEMA, ReliefWeb, and more. This free resource delivers up-to-date information to assist those sent to disaster sites.

Walks immigrants through the immigration process for the United States, and allows them to utilize a wide range of tools to help them succeed.

This application puts the Homeland Security Advisory System at the tip of your fingers. The Homeland Security Advisory System provides real time access to the Threat Level Alert

Developed for FAA employees, Airport Status allows you to look up a US airport and see if the airport is currently experiencing any delays. In addition, the current weather conditions for the selected airport are displayed, as well as a map of the airport location and turn-by-turn driving directions from your current location.

Want to know what your elected officials in Congress are up to?

“Most Wanted” mobile Windows 7 application is a perfect extension of the FBI’s Most Wanted lists because it encourages users to contribute to the FBI’s hunt for these criminals.  With the new Most Wanted application, users are able to submit tips to the FBI that are also geo-tagged to help agents follow up on these leads.  This first-of-its-kind solution enables on-the-go submissions of tips to law enforcement directly from a mobile device. 

Recalls provides access to the latest recall news provided by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) including podcasts. mobile application for Windows 7 puts the power of the Recovery’s website in the hands of the American citizens. It leverages the use of the Recovery’s social media presence, including Twitter, Facebook, and the Recovery Blog. It brings the visual power of Recovery projects to the people as photos are shared from all across the country. It hand delivers the latest Recovery news and project reports. It can search out local projects. All of the services of our mobile application contribute to our federal government’s effort to make the first and best accountability and transparency tool in the history of our nation.

United Nations News lets you keep in touch with the latest news from the international community, global events and initiatives from around the world. The well-traveled global citizen will find this app invaluable in keeping up with what’s truly important in today’s world. In this app you’ll see, hear and read the global narrative through an abundance of articles, photos, videos and radio broadcasts.




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