How to Become a Social Media Guru #RecoveryRelief #sm

Social media is easily one of the most popular methods of marketing your business on the internet right now. It is a revolution and if your business isn’t making use of social media, you are missing out!

Difficulty: Moderately Easy


  1. Dive headfirst into blogging. Setup an account on Blogger or WordPress and start posting articles with related information to your business. Provide extra add-ons such as downloadable documents or videos that your website visitors might find useful. Don’t forget to include a backlink to your business website as well.
  2. Setup Twitter, MySpace and Facebook accounts and setup your profiles for each. All 3 allow you to post “updates” to what is going on with you (or your business) so make use of them. Anytime you make a new blog post on your business blog, let your friends on these social websites know about them.
  3. Don’t “pitch” to your readers. Instead, provide useful information such as “how to” articles. The key is to drive traffic, both new and repeat, to your website. Blogging is about providing rich content, not advertising.
  4. Encourage reader participation through the comments on your blog, Facebook, MySpace or Twitter accounts. Try to end your blog posts with a question or request for user action. This will get your readers posting to your blog and make them feel like they are a part of it. Often times, the questions that your readers post may lead to other ideas for future blog topics.
  5. Invite other bloggers of similar topics to guest post on your blog. This will not only provide you with content from a fresh point of view, but many times guest posters will tell their own website readers about their guest post, which can lead to more traffic for you.
  6. If you frequent forums and post regular consider changing up your signature to encourage people to visit your blog. A great way to gather interest is to pick a recent post that is either controversial, informative or just sounds interesting and put it in your signature with a link back to the article.
  7. Use automated services that will promote your individual blogs for you. Nobody has time to promote every single blog post they make but there are several programs out there that will automatically submit it to search engines, create social bookmarks and more, all in the name of promotion. Check the resources below for suggestions.



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