Internet Television in 2010: Primetime @DebraUlrich #tv #internet

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“The NewTeeVee Live conference is that rare event that distills a great web experience into an even better conference.”
Mika Salmi, President, Global Digital Media, MTV Networks, 2008

NewTeeVee Live, now in its fourth year, is the online video industry’s flagship event. Uniquely positioned with a strong editorial heritage, top-tier speakers and unparalleled atmosphere, NewTeeVee Live represents a must-attend event for all participants in the digital video industry.

Discussion Topics Include:

Cutting the cord

With the rise of ubiquitous broadband and the availability of popular shows through online portals, cable “unsubscribers” are the new trend.

Streaming HD

Great for the consumer, easy for the broadcaster and works great on the iPad but there are negative side effects. We look at the strain it puts on the networks and what technologies and strategies will solve this.

Touch TV

What impact will the iPad and similar devices have on viewing habits? Will new devices and audiences herald a new wave of content formats and innovation?

Google TV

Can Google succeed where Microsoft and others have failed? Will Google’s strengths in search and its YouTube service allow it to create a killer product proposition?

Multiplatform Storytelling

People are now watching shows on their TVs, netbooks, laptops, set-top boxes and tablets. How is this endpoint proliferation transforming both mainstream television and web-only content?

3-D in the home

Will “Avatar’s” success translate to the small screen?




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