People are now the engine of change & the fuel is communications. Want change?

Want change? Connect, collaborate & communicate! :)

Systemic Impact of Social Technology

System outcomes can be influenced by numerous factors such as:

  1. Competitor innovation that attracts the market away from your business

  1. Cost of goods increases and margins shrink. You cut expenses to survive.

  1. Employee turnover which fuels inconsistency and waste.

  1. Customer leave due to dis-satisfaction

  1. Market shifts that you are unaware of and don’t understand

The #1 influence that is threaded through all five examples above is communications.

If your not listening to the market of conversations you are missing strategic intelligence that could forewarn you of the five factors listed above plus numerous others.

When communications shift it changes everything because everything is tied to communications.

Change is the biggest challenge for any business primarily because managers try to control the change. Today’s market environments are driven by change fueled by people inside and outside the system. People are now the engine of change and the fuel is communications. You can try and control people and lose. You can give people control and win.  The battle for control is no longer a battle won by control rather it is won by giving control.




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